SWIFT Code : CHASGB2L, London, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, United Kingdom

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SWIFT Code : CHASGB2L, London, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, United Kingdom

Institution / Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
Country United Kingdom
City London
Branch European Headquarters
Address Canary Wharf
Zip E14 5JP

SWIFT Code: CHASGB2L Structure

Bank Code CHAS - code assigned to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
Country Code GB - code belongs to United Kingdom
Location & Status 2L - represents location, second digit "L" means active code
Branch Code XXX or not assigned, indicating this is a head office

Other Branches in: London, United Kingdom, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

CHASGB2L,European Headquarters Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LACM,Acce Collateral Management
CHASGB2LACR,Agency Collateral Reconciliations 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LADL,Investor Services Amsg
CHASGB2LAFE,Custody Agent Foreign Exchange Group
CHASGB2LAMS,Asset Manager Solutions
CHASGB2LBLB,Globeclear Business
CHASGB2LBLR,Wss-Settlements Bangalore
CHASGB2LBUL,Precious Metal Business
CHASGB2LCAM,Chase Asset Management Department 32 Curzon Street
CHASGB2LCFL,Jpmc London Cifl
CHASGB2LCIF,J.p. Morgan Chase International 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LCOL,Collateral Management
CHASGB2LCSK,Common Safe Keeper
CHASGB2LCSP,Common Service Provider
CHASGB2LCTE,Gis Cash Management/Cte
CHASGB2LCTS,Gtps Marketing
CHASGB2LCZE,Cazenove Capital Management
CHASGB2LDPC,Otc Derivatives
CHASGB2LENQ,Telex and SWIFT Message Enquiries
CHASGB2LEQG,Equities Dept
CHASGB2LFIC,Fixed Income Corporate Actions
CHASGB2LFOR,Funds Order Routing
CHASGB2LGCA,Global Corporate Actions
CHASGB2LGST,Global Securities
CHASGB2LHFC,Jpmorgan Hedge Fund Services Corporate Actions Operations 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LHLB,Globeclear Business
CHASGB2LIGM,Globeclear Business
CHASGB2LIRC,Reconciliation Unit
CHASGB2LKEY,Test Key and Bke Administration
CHASGB2LMAM,Asset Management
CHASGB2LMCM,Markets Collateral Management 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LMEL,Dcc Melbourne Swifts To Jpm Wss Tlm
CHASGB2LMOS,Fixed Income
CHASGB2LMX0,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX1,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX2,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX3,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX4,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX5,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX6,Amsg Messge Express
CHASGB2LMX7,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX8,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMX9,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXA,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXB,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXC,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXD,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXE,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LMXF,Amsg - Message Express
CHASGB2LNOS,Gis Cash Management
CHASGB2LNZL,Dcc New Zealand Swifts To Jpm Wss Tlm
CHASGB2LPMA,Primary Market Activities
CHASGB2LSEL,Securities Lending
CHASGB2LTCR,Triparty Collateral Reconciliation 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB2LTLE,Tlm Reconciliations
CHASGB2LTMG,Jpm Transition Management
CHASGB2LVR1,Jpmc London Vr
CHASGB2LWEP,Global Custody Weekend Processing
CHASGB3L, Canary Wharf
CHASGB3LKEY,Test Key and Bke Administration
CHASGB4L, Canary Wharf
CHASGB4LIBN,Ib Non Custody Client
CHASGB4LMFM,Aviva Investors Global Services 125 London Wall
CHASGB4LMOS,Jpmorgan Middle Office Services 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB4LNPS,Nps 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf
CHASGB4LSYM,Sym - Symphony 125 London Wall

Other Cities in: United Kingdom having branches for JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Bournemouth, London, Swindon

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List of other Branches in : London, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, United Kingdom