SWIFT Code : CYIOTR21, Mersin, Cyprus Intec Bank, Turkey

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SWIFT Code : CYIOTR21, Mersin, Cyprus Intec Bank, Turkey

Institution / Bank Cyprus Intec Bank
Country Turkey
City Mersin
Address 40 Osman Pasa Caddesi Lefkosa

SWIFT Code: CYIOTR21 Structure

Bank Code CYIO - code assigned to Cyprus Intec Bank
Country Code TR - code belongs to Turkey
Location & Status 21 - represents location, second digit "1" means passive code
Branch Code XXX or not assigned, indicating this is a head office

Other Branches in: Mersin, Turkey, Cyprus Intec Bank

CYIOTR21, 40 Osman Pasa Caddesi Lefkosa

Other Cities in: Turkey having branches for Cyprus Intec Bank


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